May Update

On Friday, May 13th, In the Driver’s Seat convened A Call to Action – Staffing. A committed, insightful and talented group of self-advocates, family members and providers came together via Zoom to brainstorm and contribute positive solutions to the challenges related to locating, hiring, training and retaining self-hire staff. Facilitated by Courtney Hathaway, participants were eager to share what’s worked, their ideas and visions for the future.

A follow up meeting is planned for June 9th. If you’d like more information or would like to join us for our next meeting, please message us through Connect (on In the Driver’s Seat website). As a result of this 1st meeting, In the Driver’s Seat is already planning on adding a staffing bulletin board in Connect. Members will be able to post that they’re looking for staff and/or if they’re available for employment. Stay tuned… this feature will be up and running soon!

Let’s keep your journey moving forward like there’s an open and smooth road ahead. Here’s a few more FAQ’s that will help pave the way:


There’s a lot of terms and acronyms that you’ll encounter as you navigate Self-Direction. Check out our glossary to help you understand the unique language that’s related to Self-Direction.

David Pitonyak, PhD and his consulting practice, Imagine. David is straightforward with his approach to understanding and communicating with people with disabilities. “Seven Questions” can be a game changer as you begin developing or making changes to your support plan. 


Have questions about joining or using Connect? Click the following links to learn how to use the platform.


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