About Us

Cindy Lill and Joyce Steel - In the Driver's SeatWe are Cindy Lill and Joyce Steel.  We’d like to welcome you to In the Driver’s Seat.  In the Driver’s Seat is a result of our belief that people with developmental disabilities and their families are the experts when mapping out their future.  We each have large families and like you, have busy lives which happen to include sons with developmental disabilities.  Our hopes have always been that all of our children live happy and fulfilling lives.  Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned a lot about what this means for children and adults with developmental disabilities.  We’ve also learned what it means for their families.  The tools and resources that you find on this site are distilled from years of collaborating with self-advocates, families and professionals to find solutions and create opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

In the Driver’s Seat was created to assist navigating the Self-Directed Service system in an easy to use, multi-faceted approach.  Unique features in this site include “First Gear,” an essential tool-kit with resources, tips and insight to give you a better understanding of the road ahead.  Looking for a roommate or someone with similar interests?  The “Registry” will help you connect with others in an easy, confidential format.  Have you developed tools or used resources that can help others? If so, be sure to click on the “Got Tools” box so that we can share them.

We understand that transitioning to Self-Directed Services can seem overwhelming and time consuming. But, we can testify to the profound impact that Self-Directed Services can have on your life because now, YOU are In the Driver’s Seat.

   “Believe you can and you are half way there”

   ~ Theodore Roosevelt

      Dream. Drive. Do.