Sarah Vollmer


Name Sarah Vollmer

Agency Support

Agency Name: CP Rochester

Agency Address: 3399 Winton Road South; Rochester, NY 14623

Agency Phone Number: 585-334-6000 x2285

Agency E-Mail Address:

Counties Served: Livingston County, Ontario County, Wayne County, Monroe County, Livingston County, Ontario County, Wayne County, Monroe County

Profile (keep it short)

Why I am a Support Broker: I love making a difference, and watching people grow, learn, and become more independent! ***Unfortunately at the current time, I am not accepting cases. If you would like to be put on a wait-list for a CP Broker, please contact me.

My Experience: I was trained in 2017 for Broker. At the time, I was a service coordinator, and did both tasks for 6 months until I went full time broker with the agency I was with. I came to CP Rochester in January 2019. Prior to service coordination and broker, I spent 8.5 years in residential.

My Unique Qualities: I'm outgoing, I love my job, and I build relationships quickly with the individuals and families I support.

My Philosophy/Approach: KISS- Keep it simple Sarah. If someone is unsure what classes/memberships they like, I often will assist with exploring this more in support phase than start-up. It gives them the opportunity to begin using their budget for other things, and often support with community exploration.