Amanda Wylie


Name Amanda Wylie

Agency Support

Agency Name: AIM Independent Living Center

Agency Address: 271 E. 1st St.

Agency Phone Number: 6079628225

Agency E-Mail Address:

Independent Support

Independent Address: 271 E. 1st St.

Independent Phone Number: 6079628225

Profile (keep it short)

Why I am a Support Broker: I became a support Broker because after starting with AIM, I realized that there are so many individuals who would benefit from the Self-Direction Program, and a huge lack of availability for Brokers to help them. To see what Self-Direction has done for the individuals who use it has been life changing. I am honored to now be a part of those life changing moments.

My Experience: I have been in this field for almost 10 years. I began as a Direct Care provider in 2007 at Able2. From there, I worked with children in foster care for Hillside, and then went on to pursue a Career in Service Coordination. I worked as an MSC for almost 5 years at Pathway's Inc. From there, I wanted to take on a position where I had more of an influence in helping individuals and families. In July, I became the Director of OPWDD Supports and Services at AIM Independent Living Center, and chose to get my Brokerage Certification so that I can help as many Individuals and families as possible achieve their dreams. I am honored to work for an amazing organization that promotes CHOICE and encourages INDEPENDENCE. It's moving on a daily basis...truly.

My Unique Qualities: Growing up, my uncle lived with my grandmother. When I was little, I knew he was different, but I didn't know why. When I got older, I realized, my uncle was Intellectually Disabled. But I only ever saw him as one of the family; someone fun to play cards with, or take us fishing. He was an amazing man who lived a great life thanks to my grandmother and our family. He taught me that people with disabilities do not have "limitations", they just need to do things a little differently sometimes, and in most cases, they have more abilities than "typical" people. He taught me that if you show someone a little kindness, you can change the world.

My Philosophy/Approach: I believe that anything is possible. There is no "we can't do that." There is always a way to make something happen. I think it's very important to listen to the individual and what they truly want...what do they want to achieve? What do they want their own life to look like? How do I make that happen? I believe a person can achieve anything they set their mind their own way.