Acronyms and Glossary

NYS / OPWDD Acronym & Glossary List:

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100% State Dollars –  A funding source provided by NYS for specifically designated SD services that are not fundable by NYS Medicaid Waiver.  

Access-VR- Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act
ADL – Activities of Daily Living

ADM- Administrative Memoranda

AO- Aging Out

APS- Adult Protective Services

ASSD- Agency Supported Self Directed

AT – Assistive Technology

Basic HCBS Plan Support- basic coordination of OPWDD supports and services

BOCES- Board of Cooperative Educational Services

BOTH – (a SD plan that pays for residential and day supports & services).

Budget Authority – The ability to use your money the way you choose in a SD plan.

CAB- Consumer Advisory Board

CAH- Care at Home

CAS – Coordinated Assessment System:  (Tool under development to better reflect persons strengths & needs and will replace the DDP-2.  Will also be used in future to determine individual’s PRA.

CBAR#- Certified Broker Authorization Review number

CC– Care Coordinator

CCO- Care Coordination Organization

CDPAS-Consumer Directed Personal Care Assistance Service

CH- Community Habilitation

CHHA- Certified Home Health Agency

CIS- Community Integration Specialist


CSE – Committee on Special Education

COS – Circle of Support – now known as the Planning Team

CP- Cerebral Palsy

CPS- Child Protective Services

CQL-Council on Quality and Leadership

CRO- Customized Residential Option

CSE- Committee on Special Education

CTS – Community Transition Services – ($ 3,000 available only to individuals moving from certified settings to their own apartments to purchase items related to their Valued Outcomes).

DD- Developmental Disability

DDP-2 – Developmental Disability Profile – (Used to measure strengths & needs, determines PRA).

DDSO –  Developmental Disabilities Services Office, (now known as DDSOO or DDRO)

DDSOO – Developmental Disabilities State Operations Office – Local OPWDD Office managing local OPWDD certified residential and day programming sites.

DDRO – Developmental Disability Regional Office:  Local OPWDD Office managing services to the community.

DOH- Department of Health

DME- Durable Medical Equipment

DSRIP-Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program

DSS- Department of Social Services

EA- Employment Alliance

EAA – Eligibility Access and Authorization

EI – Early Intervention

EMOD – Environmental Modification

Employer Authority – (a.k.a. – Hiring Authority), provides the right for the SD participant to choose who they hire, when the person works, and what they are to do.

EMR- Electronic Medical Record

FC- Family Care

FD- Front Door

FET- Family Education and Training

FRR- Family Reimbursed RespiteA respite worker hired by, and paid for by the family where they determine the respite workers days and hours, and the family gets reimbursed for the hourly cost of the respite worker to a maximum of $ 3,000 per year.  This category is funded by 100% state dollars.

FI – Fiscal Intermediary:  (OPWDD approved non-profit agency that pays/reimburses SD expenses & payroll as well as conducting employee background checks).

Fringe –  A percent increase to the pay-scale of a self-hired individual determined by the FI to cover mandated and optional benefits such as: Workman’s Comp and Disability Insurance, Soc. Sec., health insurance, paid time-off, etc.

FSS – Family Support Services:  100% state funding for services to families via agency contracts.

GRHHN- Greater Rochester Health Home Network

Habilitation – A type of service to maintain or improve a skill.

HCB  / HCBS – Home and Community-Based Services 

HCBSW – Home & Community Based Services Waiver – a NYS OPWDD Medicaid Waiver based on a social model that provides habilitation services and supports for individuals with ID / DD.  It is a funding source which utilizes 50% NYS dollars and 50% Federal dollars.

HCSS- Home and Community Support Services

HH- Health Home

HHA- Home Health Aide

HHCM- Health Home Care Management-More robust care management option

Housing Subsidy:  See ISS.

HHUNY- Health Home of Upstate New York

IBS- Intensive Behavioral Services

IC- Informed Choice

IDGS – Individual Directed Goods & Services – a Medicaid Waiver category within the SD budget.
IEP – Individualized Education Plan

IPSIDD- Independent Practitioner Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

IRA – Individualized Residential Alternative

ISP – Individualized Service Plan
ISS – Individual Support Services – a rent subsidy that assists ID/DD individual to pay their rent. Subsidy covers 70% of the rent, the individual is responsible for the other 30%.  Others living  in the apartment must cover their own equal portion of the rent or have their own ISS agreement. Person may also access traditional waiver Community Habilitation for other support.

LCED- Level of Care Eligibility Determination

LIC – Live-In Caregiver:  Live-in Caregiver is an unrelated, (by blood or marriage), care provider who resides in the same household as the waiver participant, and provides as needed supports to address the participant’s physical, social, or emotional needs in order for the participant to live safely and successfully in his or her own home.

LHCSA- Licensed Home Care Service Agency

Life Plan- formerly ISP

MA – Medicaid

MCO-  Managed Care Organization

MHLS – Mental Hygiene Legal Service

MLTC-Managed Long Term Care

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding – An agreement between two parties describing the responsibilities of each party.

MSC – Medicaid Service Coordinator

NHTD- Nursing Home Transition Diversion Waiver

NOD- Notice of Determination

OASAS – Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

OCFS – Office of Children and Family Services within the new DFA

OMH – Office of Mental Health

OPWDD- Office of People with Developmental Disabilities

OSC – Office of the State Comptroller

OSHA – Occupational Safety & Health Administration

OT – Occupational Therapy

OTPS – Other Than Personal Service:  A category within the SD budget of 100% State dollars to fund allowable items not covered elsewhere in the budget.

OTR – Other Than Residential:  (a SD plan designed to pay for only non-residential services

Paid Neighbor – A support person who lives within 30 minutes of the SD participant; to go there at a moment’s notice.  They receive a stipend paying a portion of their rent.  They receive an hourly wage once they arrive and are “on-the-clock”.

PASS – Plan for Achieving Self Support:  A plan through Social Security whereby Social Security income limits are waived so person can purchase a car for independent means to get to work.

PCA- Personal Care Aide.

PCP – Person Centered Planning

PCS- Person Centered Services (one of the Health Home/Managed Care Agencies for Region 1)

PISP – Preliminary Individualized Service Plan

Planning Team –  Formerly known as the COS or Circle of Support – Group of interested and motivated individuals selected by SD individual who guide and assist that individual develop and maintain a self-directed lifestyle.

POM- Personal Outcome Measure

PPS- Performing Provider System

PRA – Personal Resource Allocation

Prime Care Coordination- (one of the Health Home/Managed Care Agencies for Region 1)

PT – Physical Therapy

QIC- Quality Improvement Committee

QIDP- Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional

Res / Residential Only – a SD Plan designed to pay for residential supports & services only).

RHIO- Regional Health Information Organization

SA/SD- Self Advocacy/Self Determintation

SD – Self-Direction / Self-Directed

SD Agency Supported – Self-Directed staff hired from a pool of workers at an OPWDD certified agency.

SD Self-Hired – Self-Directed staff with no OPWDD agency affiliation hired by the individual.

SDCH – Self Directed Community Habilitation

SED – State Education Department

SEMP- Supported Employment Medicaid Program

SP – Speech Pathology

SSA – Social Security Administration

SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI – Supplemental Security Income

SUB – Start-Up Budget-budget used to fund the discovery phase of Self Direction-state dollars.

Supp. Broker – Support Broker:  Self-Hired individual who helps maintain a SD plan and budget.

TABS- Tracking and Billing System

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury

TDD – Telephone Device for the Deaf

TF – Transitional Funding

Transition Stipend – A one-time $ 3,000 100% state funding to assist a person to move into their own apartment used to help pay for furniture, home supplies, etc.