Fiscal Intermediary

Fiscal Management - In the Driver's SeatFiscal Intermediary (FI) must be available to assist individuals in exercising budget authority. Individuals can perform some or all of the FI functions themselves. Typically, however, individuals prefer that the FI entity performs these functions for them. FI helps individuals:

  1. Understand billing and documentation responsibilities;
  2. Perform payroll and employer-related duties (e.g., withholding and filing federal, state, local and unemployment taxes; purchasing workers’ compensation or other forms of insurance; collecting and processing worker timesheets; calculating and processing employee benefits; and issuing payroll checks);
  3. Purchase approved goods and services;
  4. Track and monitor individual budget expenditures; and
  5. Identify expenditures that are over or under the budget.

The above info is from  – Self -Directed Services

An Educated Customer is an Empowered Customer

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