Patricia Willis


Name Patricia Willis

Independent Support

Independent Name: Pat Willis

Independent Address: 42 Menlo Place

Independent Phone Number: 585-313-1047

Independent E-Mail Address:

Counties Served: Livingston County, Wayne County

Profile (keep it short)

Why I am a Support Broker: I am a Support Broker because I am committed to person-centered services & self direction for people with disabilities & their families. Brokering assists people to design their chosen lifestyles.

My Experience: I've developed & supervised advocacy & information services at Coordinating Group (The Advocacy Center), developed & supervised service coordination & outreach at Urban League of Rochester, developed & coordinated Fiscal Intermediary services at LDA (Starbridge).

My Unique Qualities: I am committed to a person-centered approach for all services & I consistently demonstrate my respect for everyone in all my actions. I've worked to improve collaboration, to provide holistic services & to overcome fragmentation in our service delivery system.

My Philosophy/Approach: I have an abiding faith in the value of all individuals & their right to live the lives they want to live with dignity. This has inspired me to advocate & promote services for people with disabilities.