Nikisha Ridgeway


Name Nikisha Ridgeway

Agency Support

Agency Name: Heritage Christian Services

Contact Person: Nikisha Ridgeway

Agency Address: 349 West Commercial St. Suite 2795, East Rochester, NY 14445

Agency Phone Number: (585) 340 - 2018

Agency E-Mail Address:

Counties Served: Livingston County, Ontario County, Wayne County, Monroe County

Services Provided

Perform payroll and employer-related duties (e.g., withholding and filing federal, state, local and unemployment taxes; purchasing workers’ compensation or other forms of insurance; collecting and processing worker timesheets; calculating and processing employee benefits; and issuing payroll checks): Yes

Purchase approved goods and services: Yes

Track and monitor individual budget expenditures: Yes

Identify expenditures that are over or under the budget: Yes

What is your admin rate?: $Fringe Rate Varies

What other services do you supply and what is the cost of each?: Heritage Christian Services provides a variety of traditional/ foundational and self-directed services such as: Brokerage, Service Coordination, Community Habilitation, In-Home Respite, Supported Employment, Day Habilitation, Residential Habilitation, Free - Standing Respite, and Therapeutic Horseback Riding. Please call (585) 340 - 2000 or visit the website for more information. The Pieters Family Life Center in Henrietta also provides numerous supports and services. Please refer to the website for a complete listing

Other: Heritage strives to support you with creating a plan for your life. everyone wants a good life- the kind that goes beyond existing and moves toward really living - but each person defines that life differently. We believe that's the hear of what self-direction and personal responsibility means. That's why Heritage Christian listens and partners with you to accomplish your goals. We want to support people who want to control their destiny by choosing what supports are most important and how to obtain them. People are already customizing their own paths with the support from HCS. the goal is that more people with partner with their natural supports, like family and friends, to choose their own direction and achieve what matters most to them.