Kimberly Clark


Name Kimberly Clark

Agency Support

Agency Name: Allegany Arc

Agency Address: 240 O'Connor Street Wellsville, NY 14895

Agency Phone Number: 5855935700

Agency E-Mail Address:

Independent Support

Independent Name: Kimberly Clark

Independent Address: Wellsville, NY

Independent Phone Number: 7166403626

Independent E-Mail Address:

Profile (keep it short)

Why I am a Support Broker: I become a Broker to assist people, with learning about opportunities that are available in the new service of self direction. Cookie cutter services are a thing of the past.

My Experience: I have worked for Allegany Arc since 2004. My current role at the agency is the Community Services Coordinator. I am familiar with the regulations set by Medicaid and NYS for allowable services. I have a large network of professionals and people from the community who I consider to be part of my team. I have been the advisor to the VOICE self advocacy group for over 7 years. I take great pride in seeing this group advocate for themselves and others.

My Unique Qualities: I have a creative mind. I enjoy thinking outside the box to assist people to be as independent as possible.

My Philosophy/Approach: I feel education is the first step in created the dream life. This includes the person being supported, family/ advocates and the community. I want to encourage everyone I support in this role to exercise the rights you have as a human being and to take charge of your life!