Julie Cicero


Name Julie Cicero

Agency Support

Agency Name: Heritage Christian Services

Agency Address: 349 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445

Agency Phone Number: 585 643 1649

Agency E-Mail Address: jcicero@heritagechristianservices.org

Counties Served: Livingston County, Ontario County, Wayne County, Monroe County, Livingston County, Ontario County, Wayne County, Monroe County

Profile (keep it short)

Why I am a Support Broker: I believe that everyone deserves the right to live the life they want and to fulfill their dreams. I feel that everyone has the right to choose services, supports and relationships that work best for them. I enjoy the opportunity to assist in the process.

My Experience: I graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2009 with a Bachelor's in Communication and a minor in Legal Studies. I have worked at Heritage Christian Services since 2009, assisting people with developmental disabilities in the residential setting. In 2016 I became a Broker with Heritage in hopes to help more people on a broader spectrum create and maintain a meaningful life.