Cathy Ernisse


Name Cathy Ernisse

Agency Support

Agency Name: Heritage Christian Services

Agency Address: 275 Kenneth Dr. Suite 100 Rochester,NY 14623

Agency Phone Number: 585-340-2000

Agency E-Mail Address:

Counties Served: Ontario County, Monroe County, Ontario County, Monroe County

Profile (keep it short)

Why I am a Support Broker: I would like to support individuals and their families to write plans and support all individuals as independently and with as much involvement in their communities as possible.

My Experience: The first plan I ever worked on was my daughters, who originally had a CSS plan back in the day. I have also work in the residential field for over 10 years supporting individuals with differing intellectual needs.

My Unique Qualities: I can communicate using sign language, as my daughter is deaf, and attended RSD for 15 years. That is actually what brought us to Self-Determination. I would love to support others individuals and help them to write a plan that gives them as much, independence, choice and productivity as I have seen my daughter's plan give her!

My Philosophy/Approach: I believe in a person centered approach, individuals that may have differing intellectual abilities still can and do have a plan for their life. I would like the honor of supporting them as they watch their dreams become a reality in their life.