Gretchen Jackson

Gretchen Jackson In the Driver's Seat Blogger
Gretchen Jackson – is a wife and mother of 5 children, her 4th son Joe happens to have a developmental disability; she lives in a rural community in upstate NY with her husband and Joe; she is also the grandmother of eight.

Gretchen worked for the New York Sate Health Department for seven years in the grassroots effort for Early Intervention; for the last twenty years has worked as an advocate and trainer for The Advocacy Center and now Starbridge.

Joe has been using Self- Directed services for the past 11 years. He was part of the original pilot program that was called Self-Determination.

Joe has always been fully included in his community starting with being the first inclusion student beginning with kindergarten and continuing through graduation. Using Self-Directed services was the natural next step to being fully included in his community that he loves as he transitioned into adulthood.